About Pickens Puzzles

Brian in his shop

A grandchild's interest in puzzles inspired Brian Beals, a retired engineer, to make several wooden puzzles for gifts which were well received. Then requests from friends followed. Due to the enthusiastic response we decided to exhibit our wood puzzles at our first arts and craft show in Jasper (Pickens County), Georgia. The show was a success and other shows followed. Pickens Puzzles LLC was then formed in 2006.

Children and adults alike love the challenge of puzzles. Adults admire many of our puzzles for their creative art form and prominently display them in their homes for all to admire.

We continue to be amazed at the varied interests folks have. For example we have had requests for wooden puzzles in the form of skunks, grasshoppers, rats, poodles, terriers, and ostriches just to name a few. We accommodate such requests when feasible and will include in inventory. If you have a special request, please email us.


Kids instinctively respond to the challenge of putting together a puzzle. We have witnessed this time and time again in craft shows and that is why we have a number of puzzles on a table for them to experience. There are many educational benefits to puzzles. For example, puzzles .....build confidence .....help develop powers of concentration and observation .....enhance pattern recognition and problem solving.

Several children's counseling services use our wooden puzzles in therapy sessions with children as they claim better communication when a child is working with a puzzle. And several customers with autistic children have purchased our wood puzzles for the same reason.